Repo Re-aged after investigation/dispute

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I had a vehicle repossessed in December 2008.  My last payment was made Sept 2008) which is what was stated as date of first delinquency.  The listing showed that there was a payment made in February 2009 (which I am assuming is when they sold the car at auction).


A dispute/investigation letter was sent to TU stating that there hadn't been any payments made since Sept 2009 and that they needed to investigate.  They sent me back the results and it updated the listing with a different balance and now all three CRA's are reporting the DOFD as March 2009.  


I sent the method of verification letter to TU and I'm waiting for that information.  


Should I send letters to EQ and EXP asking them to investigate why the information changed, or should I wait to see what TU says. 


I know for a fact that I made no payments since Sept 2009.  Would the payment from the sale of the vehicle count as a payment?  I would like to get the listing corrected back to what it was (for obvious reasons). 


What if anything, can or should be done to have this corrected back to what it was?


See attached for what the listings look/looked like...I tried pasting it here, but it changed to text only and was difficult to read.

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@pkat1 - I don't know for sure, but I would be willing to bet the payment date changed due to the sale of the car at auction.   Is this account now in collections?  I did not see what you copied and pasted so not sure what that said.


Not sure if you saw this article on our site = - which talks about repos and what to do after a repo.

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The last payment date has always said Feb 2009 (although 'my' last payment was made Sept 2008).  They changed the date of first delinquency when I made the inquiry to the CRA.  


Account is not currently in collections and thankfully, it is past the SOL so they can't sue me for it.  I was really just hoping to get it removed from my credit report.  It was due to be removed 9/2015 but now looks like it will be 3/2016  :(

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