The task of cleaning up my credit

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On 5/17/2016 at 0:25 PM, Posse said:

I sent out the first letters finally and my credit score dropped from 638 to 620. It looks like all my disputes were responded to and verified

What accounts did you dispute and what reason(s) did you use?

Simply disputing is not a magical method for removing valid negative entries.  Especially if you use a vague reason that the bureaus know is an attempt to delete a valid trade line.  

Your biggest issue is 2 default judgments which are public records.  You cannot "dispute" those off.  As long as they are on record with the court and not satisfied they will report.  

Your better defense against this may be to just wait it out and let the collections/charge offs drop off on their own and work on dealing with these judgments so they are taken care of when the other stuff drops.

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