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SOL - Bank statements show no payments

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being sued for credit card debt. I received copies of the credit card statements from the plaintiff and it shows i made a payment in 2009 and 2011. These two payments would continue the statute of limitations, however i looked at my bank statements and it shows no payments during the times that the credit card statements show i made a payment. I have never had another bank account. Is this definitive evidence to have this case dismissed due to the statute of limitations being expired? thanks

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Is the plaintiff an OC or JDB?  Are those "statements" on OC letterhead in the normal statement format?  Did they send ALL statements?

Looks like a JDB as the plaintiff is Sunlan LLC. The statements do look like they are original Citi Bank letterhead. They sent me statements with due dates on 04/2011, 05/2011, 09/2011, 10/2011,and 11/08/2011 The are missing 06/2011, 07/2011 and 08/2011

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Check at least one month before and one month after the alleged payment.  It might be an issue about when the payments post.


When is your trial?  You might want to demand that plaintiff bring evidence of the payments in question.

Yes i did it said the payment was posted 08/2011 and i checked all of 07/2011 and 09/2011. No trial date set yet i just have to respond by 11/06/2014. It was a notice to consumer or employee form SUBP-025

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Were you with a consumer credit consolidation/debt settlement program at the time?  They may have been sending payments from an escrow account.

I think i signed up for one, then before any payments even started i stopped it. But the payments that they said i made are from 2009 and i know i didn't sign up for it then and 2011 and for the exact same amount for $113. 

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