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IL court proof of "sol" debt

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I could not find any information about this issue. I have three credit cart debts that passed the statute of limitation in IL,5 years, as well the statute of limitations of the original creditor in Nevada. The problem is I do not have any documentation from any debt. Will a judge accept reports from the three credit report agencies, which clearly show the date of last activity?


Thank You

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Did they state a date of last payment in the complaint? 


Read your court rules on discovery.  There's certain things you find out through the discovery process.  If they didn't state a date of last payment, request that date in an interrogatory.   If that date is within the SOL, you'd want to get a copy of your bank records that would hopefully show that you didn't make that payment. 


Also, in a production of documents, request that they provide the credit card statement that shows a payment on the date that they claim is the date of the last payment that made on the account. 

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