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Response to Pay for Delete Offer

Guest BIg_Easy

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Guest BIg_Easy

I have a number of medical bills in collections, five of which are with the same collection agency.  They are two to four years old.


I sent them pay for delete offers last week, and Friday they responded as follows:


"Our office received correspondence dated 10/21/14, requesting to settle the above referenced account.  Normally when an account is paid the credit disclosure is updated as paid, not deleted.  However, as a courtesy we will request the item be deleted from your credit disclosure upon receipt of $XX payment.  Letter must accompany payment."


The response is on appropriate letter head, and includes the name of, but no signature of and account representative with his extension #.


Before I send them anything and compromise my leverage, is this good enough?  


Should I reach out to the original creditor?


I'm trying to get into a house in the next three months, and my current score is 600.



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