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Almost all of the baddies have dropped from my credit report (YAY!!!)


I have one little irritating item from a CA.  It is for a medical item and it is due to drop off the SOL in Feb.  It is for $200 and I waiting so that I don't wake sleeping dogs.


I don't think that they will sue over that amount, but I have seen some pretty paltry suits before on this site.


It is a CA, not a JDB.  They are located in Gr33ley CO.


Anybody dealt with them in getting a PFD?  I figured that I would approach them after the SOL to maximize my leverage.  I have no problems in paying it.


Any thoughts?

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If its still owned by the medical provider you could try calling them directly.  Give them the old "....golly...gee...I just found you on my credit reports...I thought insurance paid this...and after you took such good care of me...my goodness...where do I send the check?...and, oh, could you call off the CA".  Once the debt is settled with the OC, the CA has no reason to report.


(And, which SOL are you referring to...the 7-1/2 yrs for reporting...or the one for suing?)

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Looks like this one is safe, I pulled another credit report and found this:

Date of 1st Delinquency:08/2010


The January date is when it was assigned to them.


Now the question is:

How do I pursue a PFD without reawakening the SOL?


The bill is not from a local doctor but a large imaging conglomerate located in Tennessee that just sent me a letter concerning a data breach.  I don't know how easy it will be to talk with a person at the OC and they will probably be inflexible in pulling it back from the CA.

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