Why can't credit repair companies run credit on consumers?

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The "debt fixers" always remind me of the lose weight NOW scammers, preying on those too lazy to put in the minuscule effort of the universally effective proven weight loss champion, Eat: LESS & Exercise: MORE

Pay, and pay, and pay to acheive paying down debt, you know, the way it was all spend, and spend, and spend to rack up the debt. It is similar to the adage, "A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips", only it is more like, "a moment at checkout, an eternity of min. due payments to be debt-free, again.

There are always opportunistic predators, with freshly printed cards, and signs on their cars, eager to take the unaware for a ride down the latest-greatest flash-fad before it, too, like all the others before them, fizzle out for the "nothings" they are.

If anyone reading this is in debt, or, wants to avoid grief in the future, here is MY BEST ADVICE:

1.) Contact NACA for an expert (FREE) class, seminar, attorney consultation, and more, and,

2.) Contact the government's Pueblo, Colorado office for all you could possibly wish for on every financial front, FREE, nearly free, and, at very modest cost.

If you still want to do something that will give you a reason to look back with regret, 100% for-sure, go ahead with that pay-a-stranger plan of action to attempt making your financial picture all better without doing what it takes to succeed.

Who knows? You may be the exception proving the rule! What are the odds of that outcome? "-)

Warmly wishing us all ever-bettering finances!

Debt fixers do not have a "credit relationship" with their clients. Besides, it costs money to run reports...debt fixers want to scam you, not spend their money.

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