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How Many Cards?

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I am trying to build credit in my name. I haven't checked my credit reports/scores recently, but I know they aren't horrible. I've had a freeze/fraud alert on all three for the past 5 years. 


I have:

2 Mortgages - paid on time, current, one account closed

Car Loan, one late payment, closed in 2009

Macy's Card, 1k limit - closed due to inactivity

Macy's Visa -7k limit - closed by my husband

USAA Credit Card - 18k limit - closed by my husband


I am going through a divorce and am concerned about not having any credit other than the mortgage payment. I may have to sell the house as well. I just applied for a USAA card in just my name and was approved for an 8k limit. 


I also applied for a Target card and was denied.


I'm not really sure how to proceed from here. I plan to get copies of my credit reports with the Target denial letter.


Any help you could provide would be very much appreciated.


Thank you!

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Hi Lola,


Definitely start by looking at a copy of your report. You can get a free trial of Credit Check Total or ScoreSense which will give you all three bureaus.

There may be an old late payment or something hanging on there which is why it was denied.

It's also recommended to remove the security freeze before applying. It can give the impression that you've been a victim of Fraud and credit lenders don't like the F word.


Start with a lender like Capital One to help build up your personal credit profile. The new Discover IT card is good for that, too. Open a couple of cards, make a purchase or two and pay the balance off in full. Do this for a couple of months and they will boost up your limits which will also boost up your report.


Use all of your cards once in awhile. If the lenders don't see you using them, they won't see a need to give them to you.


Hope this helps!

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