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Hello Credit info center,



1. I have been disputing items on my credit report for almost a year, this once (Capital One)  came back as verified. I had filed chapter 13 in 2008 and it was properly discharged. Capital one was not one of the creditors.


2. The problem is Capital one is listed on my credit report as a chapter 13 debt account; I have never had a capital one account at all.

3. I have disputed this with the credit bureaus; to no avail

4. i called Capital one they stated they could not find account. I proceeded to tell them i have never had an account with them and they claim to have purchased this account.  The manger i spoke with said they would research it.

5. Today I received a letter from Capital ONE stating:


·         in order to process my  dispute ( I asked for an investigation) they would need the following

·         The full name of the card member indicated on the account

·         the full account number

·         my social security number

·         a detailed explanation of my request

·         a copy of the page from my credit report indicating the account referenced in my request. 


If I never had an account with them why would i provide them with all this information?


I followed the Steps of disputing and validating from this wonderful website.




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No.  He disputed with them and they're getting the necessary information to see whether or not they have or had an account under his social security number.   As @Rogue198 pointed out, if the account was originally with another company, it may be that the OP just doesn't recognize Cap1.


Also, if he doesn't have actual damages, then he has to prove that Cap1 should not be reporting and that their action is willful and not just negligent.   If after receiving the requested information, they still can't locate an account but don't remove the TL, that's pretty willful.

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Before you go getting litigation happy I would investigate one more avenue.  Is any of the accounts that you DID include in your BK an HSBC account by any chance?  If so, Capital One bought HSBC credit accounts a couple of years ago and this may be why it popped up (but should not have) and why they cannot find it.  

Get a copy of your credit reports.  Compare the partial account number that is listed on the Cap1 account to any of the credit accounts you did include in BK.  If you can find a match or specifically an old HSBC card I would dispute the Cap1 trade line as a duplicate that should never have been reported since the account was filed in BK before the sale to Cap1.  The reason being Cap1 never advanced credit to you so they were not BKd,  HSBC/the original creditor WAS.


If that doesn't solve it open a dispute against Cap1 with the CFPB.

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I just went back and checked my Chapter 13 claims and  Ecast settlement corporation came into the BK with the 7208 number for HSBC in 2008 and was paid out of that.

How can Cap1 purchase this account?


HSBC sold ALL their credit card accounts.  That was every customer who ever had an account with them good and bad.  


Dispute the Cap1 account as being the HSBC account that was sold to a JDB and IIB therefore should not be reported as a separate TL account with Cap1 since it was dealt with long before the sale to Cap1.  You can try by writing to Cap1 and explaining the account is an old HSBC account they purchased and should not be reported by them as they never extended credit to you, the account was IIB with the JDB Ecast, and Cap1 never extended credit to you as a consumer.  If that doesn't take care of it there is the CFPB and failing that:  lawsuit.

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