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Need Help With Plaintiff's Requests For Admissions (CA)

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No worries.

Now I want to talk about organizing your efforts. (And yes it is about the trial binder, I just cannot say it enough)You are going to need to get the following:

A calendar

A 3" binder(don't worry you will fill it)

Your plan

And You are going to have to invest 2 hours a day towards research.

Key points are get the witness or their declaration kicked out of court

Find other pro pers fighting them and see them in the hallway at court before trial and point them to cic(that will make plaintiff nervous)

Get the evidence excluded as being prejudicial, untrustworthy and inaccurate

try to get them to make mistakes.

And don't let emotion get into this. Read caselaw so you can understand why the court can rule funny so you know how to tie their hands.

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