9 questions about credit scores you were too embarrassed to ask

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9 questions about credit scores you were too embarrassed to ask


Imagine trying to lose a few pounds without ever stepping on the scale or trying to cut your cholesterol without ever getting it checked. Tens of millions of Americans are taking a similarly blind approach to their money. Everyone wants their finances to be in good shape, but less than half of all Americans even know their credit score. That's not good — a bad credit score can mean a high-interest loan that costs you thousands and thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime.

But it's not just laziness. Private companies own the math behind calculating credit scores, so often you can't get your score without paying for it (and there's no way you can calculate it on your own). The scoring system doesn't always make sense, either — even seemingly responsible decisions can dock your score. To learn more, read our nine questions about what goes into a credit score.

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Until the algorithms determining your score becomes predictable, knowing your credit score is useless because it can change on every hour. It might be good to get an idea what it is before getting a loan but to know you score just to know your score is crazy.

You are better off knowing what is on your credit report, fixing the mistakes, and then letting the correct stuff age and keeping track of that. The score will them figure itself out.

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