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Stanford clawback claim

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Ok, so Im a colombian citizen residing in colombia, back in 2005 I made a deposit in the Stanford International Bank (didnt knew it was a ponzi scheme until he got arrested) but by 2009 when everybody found out it was ponzi scheme I would of taken most of it out, all the dealings with stanford was made in miami but legally all the money was held in antigua. now that he is convicted and and the court appointed receivers here and in antigua, the antigua receivers (them being Grant Thornton) have issue a clawback aggainst me, saying that Im a net winner, meaning that in the time I had the account open with stanford I made around $84000 in interest profits, and since that money was made thought the illegal activity of the bank I have to give it back. my questions are:

- Can I get sued in Antigua if Im not a resident?

- If they sue me can they seize any of my assets in other countries?

- would that have repercussions in the US?

- Should I be worried? 



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I have been on this site for a good many years, and I don't know anyone qualified to give you an answer that involves "International Finance Law".  You will need to speak with someone in Columbia to get an understanding of any liability.


Congrats on getting $84K out of a Ponzi scheme, those are few and far between....

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