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Transcript of Judgment Proof Of Debt Validation?

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I sent a DV letter to Midland and I receieved a letter today stating that they will request the 3 major credit bureaus list the account as "Disputed". They also went on to state that if I believe the account information is inaccurate to please provide them with a written explanation of why I believe so along with any documentation i have supporting this explanation.


They also sent a copy of the Judgement they have against me.


My question is does this copy of judgement validate my debt to them? and If the account is listed as Disputed with the credit bureaus what are the next steps to get this removed from my credit report?

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Guest usctrojanalum

If you have a judgment on you credit report, there is no way to get that removed without having it vacated.  Some creditors will negotiate a vacatur of the judgment in exchange for payment, some will not.  If you satisfy the judgment, the judgment will show up on CR as satisfied.  Obviously, not as bad as an open judgment but not ideal either.

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is there a sample letter that I can referr too to have the judgment vacated?


No.  Vacating a judgment is done two ways:  1)  the holder of the judgment agrees to do so and files with the court and (2)  You file with the court to have it vacated.  A simple letter isn't going to do it.  


Midland traditionally does not do "good will" or pay for delete.  If you settle with them most likely all you will get them to agree to is a paid judgment.  In order to get the court involved you have to have a legal basis to vacate the judgment.  Simply wanting it off your credit won't do it.

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