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Cach vs Me in CA, Trial Balance Help Needed

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Sorry it took me so long to get back but I'm happy to say I WON!!!!  My Trial Brief was so strong that their attorney walked up and said it was dismissed without prejudice. The Judge looked at me and asked if I understood what that meant and I smiled ear to ear and said yes I do.  I asked about making it with prejudice and the judge couldn't really tell me much but he said I wouldn't worry about anyone coming after you again.

:punknanner:  ::punk::  :yahoo:  :ROFLMAO2:


My record now:

I won American Express vs me

I won Cach, LLC vs me

I won Cach, LLC vs me

I'm officially done!  :nannersplit:


Now I can have my brain surgery for my super rare IIH neurological disease and start feeling better with this heavy lawsuit load off of my shoulders.  I owe so much thanks to calawyer, HomelessInCalifornia, ASTMedic and everyone else that has posted on this site.


Don't give up and don't give in.  I saved over $30k fighting these blood suckers.  You can too.

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