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JAMS Respondents

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Be sure and add "all" respondents at the very beginning. This would be anybody else that you might have a claim/violation against in regard to your case - Individual attorney and/or law firm representing the creditor.

For instance, if you were going to have Capital One as the Respondent, but had violations on their attorney and/or law firm, you would fill out the JAMS demand along these lines:

RESPONDENT: Capital One, David L. Brack/attorney, Smithhouse & Bracken, Law firm




I seen the above in the The strategy and steps of arbitration thread ... I now am a bit confused and worried that I may have filled out the form incorrectly and nor not sent service correctly...


I listed the OC the big D as the primary respondent and inputted the law firm representing them in that field under the OC.


Do I add all the law firm / attorney(s) info in the one space [Representative/Attorney (if known):]  OR do I need to add each lawyer of that law firm as a separate respondents and service them all individually?



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