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Being sued by JDB in IL? Read this!

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Don't panic - Your case will very likely be dismissed if you dispute it and for one very simple reason: The plaintiff does not have the required proof to win their case.

I'm not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. I'm simply sharing my experience to shed some light on how the system works for those who are unaware and show them that they can get their cases dismissed. I've gotten 2 JDB lawsuits against me dismissed with prejudice on my own over the past few years by making them prove it. They couldn't.

In court, the burden of proof is on the plaintiff. JDBs hire a local attorney to win their case. If you deny owing anything the judge will set a trial date. At the trial date the JBD has to prove their case by having a company representative present to testify and link the debt to the complete bill of sale. The attorney is not a company representative. If JDB operates in another state it's highly unlikely they will incurr the expense to send someone to testify. And they do not want to show the complete bill of sale because it will likely contain disclaimers that red flag potential inaccuracy issues that discredits their right to sue in the first place.

The JDB and their attorney is banking on you being completely unaware of all this. They assume you will be so scared of having a judgement against you that you will work with them on a settlement, usually some kind of agreed to payment plan. If you don't comply with the payment plan you are still at risk of having a judgement brought against you.

I should point out that my lawsuits were under $2,500, so it's possible the JDB didn't think the amount was significant enought to send someone out to testify against me. I'm not sure if they are more aggressive when the debt is significant to them.

Hope this helps!

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