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Easy Utility Bill Question (just hit credit report)

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We moved over a year ago and the old utility company is claiming i owe them $144 and it JUST hit my reports.




I actually dont mind paying even though i know i don't owe it,but my question is this:



Is there a way of paying this to where it will come off my credit report?


Like if i were to go directory to the utility company verses the collection agency?



Where would i have the most leverage, to pay this and have them remove it from my report?






Thanks guys, fyi i did credit repair from this site like 5 years ago and it literally saved my life. Ever so grateful




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My guess is that it is only the Collection Agency reporting the collecitons on your CR.  If that is the case, then going directly to the Utility comany won't help much. They can't promise a deletion of a TL that they did not place.  You would need to deal with the CA who reported.


You may want to try for a pay-for-delete, or to just dispute the TL if you believe it is incorrect because you do not owe anything.

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