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HELP! Santander reaging my account?

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Again...last payment doesn't mean anything.  Its the "date of first delinquency" with the original creditor that determines how long something stays on your reports.  If it isn't shown, you can dispute with the CRAs.


There is no payments history at all.


I have three trade lines (TU) related to the same Honda Civic 2006 (repoed in Nov 2008, out of SOL 4 years counting from the Date of Reposession, according to ARS 47-2725 and AZ Appeal Court's Baseline vs. Madison, 2012):


OC - HSBC Auto Finance with correct history of payments, 1st delinquncy, repo and charge-off (scheduled to be removed 08/2015);


Santander (acquired from HSBC) w/o any history of payments, no delinquency (scheduled to be removed 08/2015);


CA/Attorney - Accelerated Financial Solution (scheduled to be removed 09/2015).

They never contacted me.

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Yay! I just got an email from my consumer attorney: He looked over Santander's paperwork and is going to file a class action against them for the problems in my deficiency computation letter. He said the notice of the sale, etc. doesn't meet the statute, is confusing, and there are $500 statutory damages. Times that by how many Idaho consumers, and we've got ourselves a class action. I guess I'm going to be the first consumer.


One of his friends from a consumer attorney group is going to join with him in bringing the lawsuit up. He's already done many like it.

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