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CACH Response to My Answer - In Cali - Need Help

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Hi all,


Well i could use some more help with CACH. I filed my answer and they responded with the following documents:


1. Stipulation for Entry of Judgment  - Basically a settlement with monthly payments of $250 per month - reduces the debt by $2000


2. Affidavit of Assignment from Capital One to CACH.


3. A balance statement from April of 2013 showiing what the final debt was (No contract or anything of that nature)


4. Form Interrogatories


5. Request for Admissions


6. A credit report


So I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how to handle all of this. I assume this "papering" is there way of trying to intimidate me into just agreeing to settle.


First, it would helpful to know how I should respond to the interrogatories and request for admissions. And if there  is anything I should ask them for.


Finally, at this point, what is the time line between now and an actual court hearing. There is nothing listed on the docket as of right now.





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Just to be clear, did you decide to serve the Demand for BOP, (with 10-day response window), back when you still had 20+ days to walk you response to the Complaint / Summons, or, ???

Try as I have to get up to speed with you, I am not finding anything on your CACH front since that post when you were mulling options.


P.S., What is the student loan account's update? When you can, please post something covering events since October over there, please.

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Thanks for the response. All I have done is file the answer thus far and this is the first communication I received from CACH since then. There is no hearing or anything of that nature filed with the court. I am guessing they sent me this stuff because this is normally what they send when someone files an answer. I guess I am a bit confused as to what happens next because I think they were assuming that I would just agree  to settle.

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Well i could use some more help with CACH. I filed my answer and they responded with the following documents:



I would serve a BOP right away (sample: http://www.creditinfocenter.com/community/topic/319956-sued-by-cach-llc-in-ca-update-i-win-its-over/?p=1295253),then start working on responses to the discovery.  When are your responses due?

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