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Filed BK, Case being audited


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Ugh, Filed BK in Sept, well thats when we went to the lawyer (who we are very unimpressed with) after being jerked around they finally got around to filing it around nov 6th. went for 314 meeting today, it was short and sweet just standard questions. Then as we are leaving lawyer says "Oh by the way, your case has been selected for a random audit, In all the years I have been doing this it has never happened to one of my clients, but no big deal come by in a couple days to fill out some more paperwork" After some research it looks like it is a much bigger deal than he has let on. So now, we will have all this to deal with along with my wife is due to have a baby Monday and we are going to be forced to deal with this in the middle of having a new born.....uggggghhhhh 

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Not a big deal, I've been through about half dozen of these audits.  The UST spot checks cases to assure integrity in the process.  If you were truthful with your attorney and your attorney did a reasonable job, then nothing to be concerned about.   Note that the UST (similar to the IRS) seems to target filers with small businesses because it is much easier to fudge income and assets when it comes to business owners. 


Fear not, the UST will sniff around and annoy you, but if you were truthful you have nothing to fear. 

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