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In collection but original creditor accepting payments


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I am making monthly payments on a medical bill as agreed AND receiving letters from a collection agency for the same debt. Is this legal.


Yes it is legal.  There is no law that says a creditor cannot send an overdue account to collections even if you are making payments.  The issue is this is medical debt therefore once the care is rendered and insurance pays the entire patient portion is due immediately.  It isn't like credit card debt that has a minimum payment each month.


You said you are making payments as agreed.  I would start by calling and speaking to the billing manager and finding out why it was sent to collections when you are abiding by your payment arrangements.  It could be an error.  In the mean time stick to the payment agreement because stopping now will only hurt you.  DO NOT speak to a front line CSR drone.


Once you know what the situation is post back and I can give you more guidance.  

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