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3rd Party reporting debt I don't recall


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Long story some what short;


Ran all three CRs because I am car shopping. On my EQ I saw a lawn care company account with a $150 past due amount but it was being reported by a 3rd party that is not the lawn care company or a CA/JDB its a company that reports debt to CRAs for small companies. I called them at the # noted on the CR and a nice woman answered. I explained I don't know abouty this debt and dont remember signing acontract with them for service as I have used my teenage son for mowing and done my own fertilizing for 8 years now. She said it was up to me to call the lawn care co and ask them about it because they gave them the info.


What is the legality of a third party reporting debt they don't own? DV'ing them is prob a waste of time. I could dispute with CRA I supposeand see what happens but it seems this is almost just wrong to me. 


Any thought?

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If you're inclined to pursue this, you might want to see if there is a www.naca.net lawyer in your area that will discuss this with you.  (Most will give a free consultation).


It is certainly against the FCRA for someone that you do not have a "credit relationship" with to pull your credit reports.  I would guess its probably illegal for someone that you do not have a "credit relationship" with to report.  I'm thinking that "nice woman" might be in trouble.

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Called the "nice woman' again today to try and get more info because after googling their name they came up as a CA. I thought that was weird because when I called yesterday there was no "we are a debt collector this is an attempt to collect...blah blah" mentioned. Today I called and I did get a half a$$ version of it, she mumbled and stopped talking halfway through it because I made it clear I was pissed this was on my CR and I didnt recall it. 


She said she will put in a requisition to the original creditor for info on the account, I asked if they owned the debt she said no they don't buy debt just collect when assigned. I disputed with CRA in writing today as well noting the number I called and that they had no info on the account. 


This whole relationship seems weird to me. I may need to call an attorney if I don't get an answer soon.


Thanks for your replies so far

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I tried calling no answer...looking at online reviews seems to be a shady company anyhow


Sounds to me like you have an issue with this lawn company.  It is entirely possible the CA is an innocent victim of them as well.  I would try calling nice lady back and letting her know you are unable to reach these clowns and that the online reviews indicate they are shady.  I would then question how much they know about this company before they poisoned my CR.  

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