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DV follow up/Settlement Agreement?? Anyone ever tried this? Newbie


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Let me explain and see if this makes sense to anyone.  I have a collection account on my credit report for $120 whom the collection agency lists my current insurance carrier as the original creditor.  I didn't really understand why my insurance company would turn over my account to a collection agency then write me a new policy but to be honest I didn't explore.  I just printed records of the previous insurance premium and all payments I had made on the account and tabled the matter as I had quite a few CA to deal with as of my last credit report.  I figured I'd just DV and more than likely they will go away but whether it turns out I owe or not $120 is a non issue.  After the first round in the DV process, only one of the CAs bothered to respond to my verification request.  This one looked as if it temporarily was removed from my credit report via Creditkarma but then was readded on 12/5.  TU never replied that they deleted this account but mailed me that resolution was expected by 1/7/15.  I only know that for a moment it wasn't there because I have been pulling weekly updates.  I was all ready to send the DV follow up letter when I got their Settlement opportunity letter dated 12/13.  I didn't respond to it immediately because I wanted to see what the outcome of the CRA dispute was and at the time it wasn't showing on Creditkarma so I thought it was already deleted and the settlement offer was a last ditch offer after the account was removed.  The settlement opportunity they mailed me had no dollar amount of settlement offered but asked me to contact them to discuss it. I could fight them and ignore the settlement offer and just as them to delete within 15 days but I'd rather just get it off will I offer PFD to the one creditor who verified. In my response letter I have written I pretty much state that I DVd them CMRR on 11/24/14 and it was signed for by named officer of their company on 12/1. I state that they updated to the CRA on 12/5 and that that was a violation which they could be liable for $1,000.  I said I was ready to proceed with a small claims filing when I received their offer to settle and that I would be willing to call the matter done to save the time and hassle of filing fees.  I offered 20% or $24.  I'd gladly pay $24 rather than wait another month just to get it off because I have other business matters I want my report cleaned up for sooner rather than later.  Is this a stupid strategy?  Please let me know before I send this letter out.  Thanks in advance guys.

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