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Chapter 13- post discharge and mortgage company


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I have searched for days trying to find information regarding my situation. We filed Ch13 in 2008 which included some arrearages of our mortgage. (A few missed payments). We continued to make our payments regularly throughout the payback portion of the bankruptcy and now for 2 years after being discharged. I noticed on our credit reports that under the mortgage section, Citimortgage has listed our account as closed. It states a balance of 0 and it does have the Comment of Bankruptcy-Chapter 13, Completed. 


Why are they reporting it is closed when it is clearly open. I pay every month on time and have even paid a few extra payments through out the year. 


Thanks in advance for any help understanding this.

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I'd suggest you call Citi and ask.  Its possible that since you essentially refinanced, Citi cashed in the VA "insurance" and has been acting as a "debt collector" for VA.


Note, however...are you looking at your actual credit reports direct from the CRAs, or one of those "do you know what your credit score" things.  The 3-in-1 crap is seldom 100% accurate.

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Its the actual credit reports. When I called them, they just told me that upon discharge of my bankruptcy, they are not to report to the credit bureaus for the life of the loan as per the Fair Credit Reporting Act. When I asked her to explain it to me, she just re read the sentence above. I asked to be transferred to someone else who might understand this better, but I got no where.


It just doesnt make any sense to me. My bankruptcy is due to fall off my credit reports in a few months, and I want my credit report to show my mortgage has been in good standing and payments have been made on time, every month.


If i filed a dispute with the credit bureaus, would they have to change my account info? 

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