Redeemed repo, paid in full, helping or hurting after 3 years.

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I have a redeemed repo, that was paid in full, on my TU CR. I was able to remove the redeemed repo's on my EQ and EXP CR's by sending GW letters. The redeemed repo happened 3 years ago.

It has been suggested that I dispute the payment history on my TU CR becuase I believe it's showing inaccurately. I have to go back over my records and pull my TU report as it has been some time since I've done any credit repairing. I have also been told that it's likely that the redeemed repo will be deleted, from TU, since it's showing postively on my EQ, EXP reports, and the creditor most likely will not answer.

I believe, I read, that if a negative TL is older than 3 years, it could actually be helping my score. Is this true? Or should I try to remove the TL from my TU CR? Obviously, a redeemed repo will not look good to perspective lenders.

Thanks to this forum, I have really been able to clean up CR's. Of course, I have also been paying my open TL's as agreed and just received a CL increase on my credit card. We're finally in a position to save money and we'll be buying a home in a year or so. I figured now would be a good time to start clearing up the last of my negative info. Thanks for any advice!

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