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<7min. how-to video by Truther Girl on YouTube, ENJOY!


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Sorry...not nearly that simple. 


First of all, "collection agencies" don't buy debts..."junk debt buyers" buy debts.  CAs simply handle the hassling for either OCs or JDBs.  If the debt is still owned by the OC, her advise is completely worthless.


Second, JDBs do not have to disclose what they paid for the debt...even in court.  While you MIGHT be able to negotiate with the CA representing a JDB for a "less than payment in full", its certainly NOT easy.  And, negotiations with CA may not be binding on the owner of the debt.  And, even if you do get the JDB to agree to take less, they may turn around and sell the balance to another JDB.


And, third, no mention was made of the tax consequences...

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This is from a Canadian comedian hobbyist's amateur YouTube series titled, "The Truther Girls". I thought the insert of the prop wig made that clear, but OK.

I posted it down here, in off-topic land, plus, closed the title with, "ENJOY!", to indicate is A.) Off-topic / humor / to be enjoyed, and, B.) to provide some humor to enjoy on the PDQ without needing to leave the site to relax a second, or <7min., to be more precise.

Back to DVDs and organic vanilla Simple Truth probiotic yogurt blended into blissful perfection with frozen berries-Berries-BERRIES!

Enjoy the laughs - make room for them!

Embrace the realities - they are neccessary for success in litigation!

Ever-better New Year to all, in 2015 and beyond!


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