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Hearing on Motion to Dismiss...a few questions

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I'm in Indiana, Marion County Superior Court.


I've posted before on a few JDB cases where I am the defendant (all the same basic case, different alleged loan numbers).  I filed a Motion to Dismiss due to lack of Prosecution for them all last month.  I now have several separate hearing dates on those motions in the next month...ugh!  I wasn't sure what the next step would be after filing my motion, otherwise I would have spaced them out a bit. 


I am hoping someone can give me some insight into what to expect at a hearing on a Motion to Dismiss.  I doubt there is much more I need to do other than show up, since I already outlined my reasons and backed them up within the Motion.  Am I right?  Also, do I need to bring an Order granting the dismissal, ready to be signed by the judge, with me to the hearing?  My motion to dismiss asked for it to be dismissed with prejudice.  If I need to bring the Order to be signed, should I bring one specifying with prejudice and one without? 


What happens if the Plaintiff doesn't show up?  When I called to talk to the ladies in the clerks office, I was originally told I didn't have to be there.  Then she realized that I was the one that filed the Motion and said that I did have to be there.  I was just confused as to why either party wouldn't have to be there.

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