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Remove 2 Transferred/Sold accounts both w/Late Payments


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Hello All!


So, I currently have a mortgage that I've been late on several times in the passed due to hardship and some families issues that were going on at the time. Heres the situation The orginal Loan servicer has about 5 late payments and has been transferred/sold. The second Loan Servicer has 1 late payment and has been transferred/sold to a third Loan servicer. So my question is how can I get the late payments removed or possibly both accounts since they were transferred/sold to another Loan servicing company?

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The trade lines for the previous servicers can stay as long as they indicate they are transferred or sold and the balance is zero.  


Sending a goodwill letter to both of them asking if they will change the status to "no data" may get that done.  However, there is no way under the FCRA to force the issue and some creditors have a hard line stance of not doing it.


You have nothing to lose by trying.

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