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Collector calls with No ID and with 5 Digit Number


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I  got a call from a 5 digit number. I did not answer. I am guessing it was a collector hiding identity of company calling.


I got another call, with the number "restricted" I answered and when the woman asked for me, I said who is this? She replied with a name. I said, "And tell me the reason you are calling". She replied back, this is personal and you need to know this call is being recorded."  She demanded to know if this was a good contact number. I told the woman to give me her number and i would have the person return the call. The woman refused to give a number.


I also got calls from United Recovery Systems in Houston three times. The number is on the caller ID. I did not answer. They have been calling for a week. I haven't gotten any letter from them.


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Did you answer the calls from United Recovery?  If so, they have 5 days to send a letter with the name of the OC and amount they claim is owed.


If you did not talk to them, then initial contact has not yet been made and they don't have to send anything to you yet.


The other calls with blocked IDs could very well just be scams.  I would not worry about anyone who does not leave a company name or blocks their caller ID.  They are usually not real collectors.

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