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Being Sued by lawyer in CO for Vivint debt.


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     I've gotten 3 letters and several calls since Sept. 2011 for an alleged Vivint bill I owe. All of the calls were clearly not legit, they were "The sheriff is coming to arrest you" calls, using foul language, calling me foul names and such .I responsed to all letters by asking for proof of the bill ( not in wrinting, didn't know to do that until now) but never got any, none of them after researching them seemed to be legit either.


      I have called Vivint every time asking them about it and was always told I wasn't in their system so they couldn't tell me anything about it.  The last time I called when I received a letter in Nov.  I called and asked them if I had owed a balance, where it would have gone and they couldn't tell me that either. It's not on mine or my husband's credit reports.


       We did have an APEX security system at one time and cancelled when our contract ran out right before Vivint took over. 


     Sunday I was served with an S&C which is in both my husband's and my name.  The previous calls and letters I received didn't have his name on them.   I had received a letter on Nov. 6th from the Law office of Wyn T Taylor regarding this matter.  Their letter stated they were collecting for Assurance Recovery, LLC.  I googled them and couldn't find anything.  When I called, I asked who they were and said I couldn't find any such company and was told that was them, that they bought the debt and were collecting for themselves.  I asked where they got the bill from to see if it matched up with the previous letter I got, they said they didn't know.  I asked them for proof and they said oh of course, we will get back to you, they didn't.      


     The S&C is not filed, I called the court yesterday, they said they are probably e filing.  On the S&C there is NO evidence attached, they are claiming a balance of $1254 for a contract my husband and myself entered into with Vivint, that's all they have. The letter they sent had no account number, nothing.  They seem to have no info about this debt.    So that's where I am at, I am preparing an answer and wonering if I should get a lawyer or just do it myself.  I guess there isn't a question here, just wondering what you all think.

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     Well, I obviously followed all the ruled on how to not get any replies.   Anyway, I have an appt. with a paralegal to help me file an answer.  I also found that the Plaintiff, Assurance Recovery, LLC already has an action against them and has only been licensed since Sept.  so I am guessing I was right in thinking that something wasn't right about them. 

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@grannyto5 ...Sorry no one has responded.  I would suggest getting legal advice.  If the paralegal can't help, you might check to see if there is a www.naca.net lawyer in your area that will help (most will give a free consultation).


Certainly sounds like you're dealing with a low life.  Hard to tell if its legit...

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