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1) 12/9/2013 is the date that GE gave up - probably the charge off date.


2) Many of these letters are generated without a human looking deeply into the account. The $300 was just a number they threw out in order to establish a relationship between you an Midland.


3) Monarch may have been a collection agency working for GE. Midland owned your account as of 10/29/2014.


4) GE's letter from mid-2013 would seem to point to a charge off in December 2013, but a credit report will clear up the exact dates and  amounts.


5) Definitely check that - having someone else actually own the debt between GE and Midland helps your cause.


I don't see anything fishy with the dates - they are just showing that they know the history of the account. Someone else will have to tell you whether Iowa is consumer or creditor friendly. The amounts in question make this one a good candidate for arbitration.

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I would send the law firm a simple dispute letter.  "I dispute this alleged debt in full".  Then I would check naca.net and contact a few consumer attorneys and run these letters by them to see if they feel there is a violation in there.  There might not be, but that initial Midland letter is pretty close to overshadowing the 30 day dispute window with their demand to pay immediately after the 30-days is up.  There may be wiggle room there, such as, even though they dated the letter 11/12, when did you actually recieve it?  It's possible you never recieved it until 11/27, which would make their due date of 12/27 a violation.


I would also strongly second the arbitration strategy as @Goody_Ouchless stated.  Midland will not pay for arbitration and the max it would cost you is $250.  You could even file it now, which would mean if they tried to sue you after arbitration had been filed, they would also be violating the FDCPA.

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