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I have a second mortgage on my home that is solely in my ex-husbands name that I was basically blackmailed into agreeing to pay off via our 4-year divorce.  After I had reinstated the first mortgage of $30K, my ex-husband said he would not agree to letting me take over the home if I did not comply with his demand to also take over the equity loan he cashed out on behind my back., I had to do this otherwise I would have lost my $30K which was all the savings I had remaining from the divorce.  The bank (Wells Fargo) would not even allow me to receive the statements of which I was paying unless my ex gave them approval in writing.  This loan is not fixed and I will be in hot water real soon with this loan and my hands are tied to refinance it since my ex is not willing to help me out and only he can ask to have it refinanced since my name is not on this loan.  I have tried to do this on my own and they keep denying me.  How can I get this information in my situation?

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I think you're going to need to get a lawyer involved.  Its my understanding that creditors are not party to divorce settlements...and therefore, the loan is still your ex's responsibility.  If it is a lien against your house, that is a problem, but its possible that if you simply stop paying, WF will go after him.  I don't think they could foreclose on the house since they're in second need legal advice.

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Thank you for your response to my question.  I do have a questions as to working on this website.  I started my first thread in regards to a debt collection case in California and received a lot of great responses.  It has now been a few months and have not posted my case update but spending a lot of time researching for answers throughout this website.  I would like to give an update on my case with a few questions.  I know I am not suppose to start a new thread, so do I just find my original thread and simply type a new post?  I ask because my questions now are now at a different level and wanting to put a new title.  Thank you.

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