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35 year old Student Loan Debt...What's up with that?


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A family member of mine who is 55 years old just received an, "account statement" from University Accounting Services, LLC in WI listing a loan amount for $500, and requesting more than twice that, showing a current billing period of 90 days, and 3% interest. It was odd, since she does not recall the loan, and was only in "college" at age 19 for one semester, then dropped out (preggers). And she never went back. Subsequently, she lived in the same apartment (IL) for over 20 years...and has lived in her current home for about 6.  This is the first time she ever received anything regarding this apparent student loan in over 35 years!


We can't tell if it was federally backed loan, or not. Can't really tell if it's even real debt. She certainly has no idea. But, the company mentioned above is not contracted with the government as one of their known collection agencies, (though they are a subsidiary of Transworld, apparently, so...), so we are assuming it was a private loan, or through the private college, and therefore the Illinois SOL of 10 years would apply.


Funny thing is, this was merely an account statement. It did not imply or otherwise state that they are a collection agency, nor did they imply that the loan was in default.  It was simply a bill that literally looked like this loan had happened a few months ago. It did not mention a date of original loan, or any date whatsoever, except the current statement date.


So, where to go with this one? I was thinking of sending a DV letter, but this (collection agency in sheep's clothing) did not intimate that it was an attempt to collect an old debt. If it's just an invoice, then presumably they will keep sending them month after month. Since there was no lingo at all about having 30 days to dispute, do we send a DV letter? If we don't, then do we lose rights to dispute? 


Anyone dealt with UAS before?


Talk about blast from the past...bizarre!  Any suggestions, thoughts or ideas? THANKS!

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Your friend probably has a FDCPA violation as this sounds like a 3rd party collector. However, I would not bring it up right away.

I would send a DV and then call the college (if it still exists) and see what is going on. The college might or might not have the records since this is so long ago. From reading the BBB site, UAS's phone customer support is non-existent or horrible so you are better off doing things in writing. Make sure to send it CMRRR green card style because they are also known for "not receiving" things.

They also service federal loans so your friend may not be out of the woods. $500 sounds like a reasonable amount for 1 semester in college. It is strange however that the feds could not locate your friends for 35+ years. A DV letter should flesh out what this is.

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