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Cleaning credit after bankruptcy


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I had a bankruptcy in 2011. On my credit report there are some negative reports from creditors that were included in the bankruptcy. Should I attempt to get them removed?


You can certainly try but all they are required to do is report accurately.  That means as long as they update the trade line(s) to state "included in BK" then they can stay until the end of the reporting period.

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Can the original creditor and the collection agency for the same debt both report? Can I have one of them removed so I'm not getting tagged twice for the same debt?


Yes, they can both legally report.  Unfortunately there is no way to force them to remove one so that the debt only reports once.  A further bite in the posterior is if the OC fires CA #1 and hires CA #2 is that all three of them can report.  CA #1 has to zero out the balance and indicate "closed" as the status but there are accurate stories of consumers with 4+ trade lines for one debt.  

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