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4000 posts and still helping as much as I can

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Upon the occasion of my 4000th post I want to reflect on the great advice and discussion which has made CIC a great part of my everyday life. With the help of the greatest of human beings, I have become fearless of legal proceedings, and have gained power of self realization that no one will be able to use the law to scare me into submission.


It is the forum as a whole who have not only helped me in my times of need but have given the opportunity to help my fellow man to lose the fear and make good decisions when faced with scary propositions. As a group we help to shed fear, make the best part of us shine through, and together give people options to deal with very real and life changing events.


To Admin and all the moderators, your providing a forum that allows the public to discuss credit issues during a time of the greatest economic depression in history has given people hope. I personally salute all that you do and have done.


To all the long-term posters, you are definitely exhaulted among humans and are the sheepdogs in life necessary in human existence. Your tireless efforts are a blessing for scared people who get scary legal paperwork quite literally dropped in their lap. I Salute you guys also.


We have learned much here and I vow to stay on until we can all say "Isn't a collection lawsuit one of those antique methods of debt collection torture?"


The resistance lives on!

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