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Rejected Pay For Delete Letter


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I had an administrative citation that was sent over to Financial Credit Network that was $55. They added interest, so now it is $76.24. I sent a Pay For Delete letter with an offer of $50. They refused it stating that they would only accept the full amount. Before sending the Pay For Delete letter, I called trying to settle. The first person said that they could only take it down to $71 so I hung up. I called and asked to speak to a supervisor right away and the "supervisor" said that they could only take it down to $65 and some change. I told them that the debt was from 2012 so it wouldn't be too long until it just fell off and they said that would be my choice. That's when I decided to send the letter. When I received their rejection letter, I called the original creditor (the County I used to live in) and they said that it was sent over to FCN and they were allowed to add extra interest so I would have to go through them so they could receive the extra money they are entitled to. I was thinking of sending another letter with an offer of $60 but I'm not exactly sure if that's the best option? Should I sent another letter or wait for it to "fall off"?

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Because this is a court citation rather than a debt, this may not fall off. Court citations have different rules when it comes to reporting. Also, realize that the court has the power to do things like take away your driver's license or put out an arrest warrant that a regular debt collector cannot do.

You might need to bite the bullet on this one. However, the credit scoring model is changing to reward those with paid collection accounts.

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