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1099C after Judgement


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Chase was awarded a judgement against me in January of 2011; and in the mail today I received a 1099C. This is the first I have heard from them since the judgement. My question is can they have a judgement and still file the 1099C? The reason code for the 1099C was letter "G"; should it have been "B" other judicial relief?

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Getting a 1099C 'G' means that Chase will no longer try to collect, but they can still SELL the judgement and/or account (if it's within the SOL) to a JDB for collection, right?  Even if the amount is beyond the SOL the judgement stays in force until it expires: 10 - 20 years and/or is renewed and can be sold.  I'm not disagreeing but wondering, it is still murky. 


Another thing last year I also had a Chase 1099 'G' issued, I was notified and received it within the dealine for tax reporting.   Last year I called the IRS in Sept to see if any more 1099C's were outstanding and got a no.  I filed claiming insolvency but it can take up to 3 years to affect my 2013 taxes, I got both my small refunds from Fed/State, no problems noted. 


The creditors have until Feb 5 to mail your information (they don't have to notify you like Chase did) so I'm in a holding pattern until at least Feb 10-15 to file.

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