Do accounts just fall off your credit reports questions.

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I will try to not to be too confusing.


Do your trade lines  fall off the CRAs by the OC/JDB notification or is it by the CRA itself?


I have several accounts that should fall off the 3 credit reports at various times this year.


Experian and TransUnion both show expected dates for this to happen, (Equifax does not)


The dates on TransUnion are not the same as those on Experian . They are 1 or 2 months longer.

But there are only 3 accounts still showing on TransUnion, while there are 9 on Experian. (13 on Equifax)


Do the accounts just automatically fall off or is there something I would need to do?


 Chase, is showing  only on Experian and Equifax. It sold to a  JDB and is marked as sold, but now there is no anticipated fall off date from Experian ever since they sold.

The JDB is not listing on Experian only Equifax. And they have never shwed an anticipated date.


So I am wondering for the CRA Equifax how they will know it is time?


Or those other accounts, like Chase,  marked as sold , on Experian.. what happens to those?


thanks in advance.

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By law, CRA should automatically stop reporting trade lines 7 or 7-1/2 years after the date of first delinquency with the OC.  Problem is some creditors don't report DOFD.  Sometimes you need to dispute the trade line as obsolete.


(The FCRA is a little ambiguous as to whether its 7 or 7-1/2 years so usually the CRAs use 7 years).

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If you are within 6 months from the 7.5 year period from first default - essentially 7 years after your last "positive" status on the account, that is when I start sending in disputes saying that the account is too old to continue reporting.


Usually, the CRAs will simply delete it instead of fighting you over a couple months difference in dates just on the chance they are wrong and to avoid having to pay to defend themsevles in an FCRA suit.


In otherwords, dispute those TLs now and they will likely go away.

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