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Those who show pics on their cell phones to complete strangers...


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Today I was at a Target store here in Colorado.  As I was shopping a man who spoke limited English stops me and gives me his Smartphone. On the phone was a pic of Red Bull energy drink. He kept pointing at the pic asking "where it is ?? where it is ??" . Even though I did help him find that Red Bull later on after watching many other folks who speak limited English doing the same in that Target, I couldn't help but wonder is this a wise thing for them to do with ID thefts and other problems that could happen by giving your phone to someone who you don't even know ?? 


Oh for the record after Target I had went to Safeway and noticed the same thing there as well. 

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It is far more unsafe to use the Target WiFi - or any other public wifi - that these people likely are using.  If I am showing someone a photo on my phone and they start tapping the screen to view other items on the phone, I am physically standing there to take the phone away from them.  However, so many people are having their information taken from their phone without even knowing it because they connect to public wifi with zero protections on their phone such as a VPN.


If you show someone a photo on your phone to get assistance, I see no harm in that.  I would never hand my phone to someone, I would always keep control over the phone and just face the phone in their direction so they can view it while it is in my hands.  No information can be stolen this way.

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