High debt owed to divorce attorney

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Help! I'm back. I'm about 7 months away from the SOL & I'm getting calls from my worthless divorce attorney's office saying that I can call to discuss making a lump sum payment, payment arrangements depending on my situation, or the threat of them selling my case of to credit collection agency.


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Thanks for the reply 1st Step! What is that?


That is a motion to have your soon to be ex-spouse pay your attorney fees directly to the lawyer.  However, the caveat to be able to file one is you have to have discharged the attorney (i.e. fired) and consented to him doing so.


I am curious:  you hired a divorce lawyer and he did the work but because you did not get what you wanted (few do in a divorce) you decided he is "worthless" and so you didn't have to pay the legal fees.  And people wonder why lawyers charge so much.  Even lawyers have consumers who refuse to pay their bills.

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