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Need a credit boost


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Hi all,

I just recently got pre-approved for home loan.  However, it was for a FHA loan.  I am trying to get pre-approved for a conventional home loan but my agent says I am only 10 points from qualifying for a conventional home loan.  I don't have any collections on my credit report (all paid off and deleted from report).  Only ding I have on my report is two 30-day late on my student loans.  I've called and written sallie mae with a good will letter but they just won't budge.  Any advice on how I can possibly raise my score in short time frame? Housing market is picking up and so is mortgage rates so I am trying to purchase a home soon.  I thought about getting added as an authorized user on my fiancé's credit card, he carries a $100 balance on a 15k credit limit.  Just not sure if it will raise my score by 10 points. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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