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2 diff. JDB's on 2 diff. credit reports. even after VD letters!


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I just did my annual reports to see where I was. I have central financial control showing three medical debts on Transunion, and syndicated office showing the exact same account #'s and amounts, etc. on the Equifax report. ( I haven't done the third one yet but will sometime this week)

Anyway, I disputed these three med bills back in 2012 and two were deleted. and one was updated. I then sent a dv letter to the updated one (central financial) and they deleted it a short time later.

Then in may 2014, I checked again, and the first 2 deleted are up again, I sent both JDB's their dv letters, CFC gave me a reply stating they have already validated these accounts and my continuously repeated DV requests are not worth a reply and waste of their office supplies( but they DID delete one). They told me they were not going to reply again. Syndicated just sent back a generic reply with everything I could get on my credit report( original creditor/amt owed/dates, etc).

so now I have the two that were previously deleted by CFC back on, and all three from syndicated.

so what do I do now?


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If they are valid debts you owe they can be re-inserted.  Deletion is not necessarily permanent.  It is likely they were deleted until they got confirmation from the provider on the care and what you owed.  ALL they are required to send you in response to DV is the name/address of the OC and the amount you owe.  It doesn't matter what else you demand (i.e. registered agent, proof you owe it, proof they can collect etc.) the law does not require they send it and they can ignore the request.


if you want them removed your best option is to do a pay for delete or wait for them to fall off seven years after the date of the care.

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okay. I need to correct my post. the more research I do on here, the more I realize the JDB should have been listed as a medical collection. and I searched through my files and found one of these bills is dated for my sons birth but I did find an old collection notice from CFC from NICU bill. but my son never was in the NICU, nor saw this doctor for any reason. Our insurance covered all of his birth from the hospital and my obgyn had me pay in advance my deductible. ( I have all documentation of this). 

I am guessing I need to contact this Dr. directly? or what would be my best option? this bill is from way back in dec 2009/ jan 2010.

the others, I have nothing for but my DV letters and proof they were once deleted.

thank you for pointing out both companies are one in the same. I would have hated to pay all the CRRR fees just to realize after. does anyone know which company has the better removal rate? which one would I have better luck sending my DV letter to? 

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@bassplayr, I did an online dispute thru Transunion, and they deleted it. does that matter or help more? I just have the printout of the dispute confirmation and the only thing it shows is the collection companies name and account # then deleted in bold.

from now on, I will be more thorough.

@TomnTex, what about the company not being bonded in texas? i will be sending a letter, but can i legally state they "cannot sell, transfer, assign, or share any information about me or this alleged debt.."
( i saw this line in your linked posting and i would like to add it to my letter) or would that be more of a guideline?

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