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Going to do battle with asset.. again..

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it's been festering for 5.5 years now.. A recent complaint to the CFPB got a reply of "you didn't dispute in time" with the statement at the bottom "because of the age of your debt we will not sue you"..

It's been a long time since I did repair of my own (sadly, I did fall on my a$$ again, but not near as hard this time and things have been looking really good since 2009) but doesn't the "we won't sue you" comment mean they barred themselves from suing? If so, I want to start beating them with a huge stick till the fall off the last 2 reports. I have disputed to the point EQ and EX won't listen to me anymore.


I am thinking a 623 because they are reporting as a factoring company and 120 days late, along with being 2 years off on DOFD.. Once the 623 has run it's course if they don't fold, I'll have to sue them for not answering the dispute and the violations on my reports.


The account was an HSBC account. I think they would be hard pressed to prove a proper chain of custody or that I actually owe them the debt

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