Seeking help with citation for "Admission of Fact" Midland Funding llc. Louisiana

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Hi forum, after some research this seems to be the best place I can find to ask for some guidance from others who have been in similar situations.


Firstly I reside in Louisiana and have so for all my life.


This morning my husband received a knock at the door, upon peering out the window he saw a sheriffs deputy holding some paperwork. I should also mention that our american bulldog  (who is a big baby) barks quite ferrociously when our door is rapped upon.


My husband called through the door and asked what the deputy needed. He said he had paper work for Me (Said My Name).


My husband informed the deputy that I was at work and asked him to leave the papers outside the door. The deputy replied that he could slide them through a crack in the door, but "please dont let the dog out"  (LOL)


He slid through the door a citation for me for a "Request for Admission of Fact" from Midland Funding llc.


What is odd is that he I think the barking dog made him so nervous that he fogot to sign the papers.


The bottom of the citation reads as follows







DATE SERVED:__________________,20______TIME:_______




PERSONAL( )________________________________________


DOMICILLARY ( ) ON___________________________________


UNABLE TO LOCATE                   MOVED ( )             NO SUCH ADDRESS ( )






COSTS FEE $__________   MILEAGE $___________   TOTAL $__________





The deputy didnt fill out any of this form.


My question is: Is this something that I could potentionally use to my advantage in my dealings with Midland Funding LLC?


any ideas or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated as I have never had to deal with a debt collector in this way.


Also, I am in need of guidance on how to deal with a


Petition for "Admission of fact" from Midland Funding LLC.


I will greatfully provide any information as it pertains to the Petition that is needed to better understand my circumstances.


Thank you so much in advance.



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Case number you could check online to see the status at the courthouse? My guess is the Sheriff has his own copy, filled out indicating he left the paperwork at your address with your husband who didn't disagree you lived there.


You can search for some past posts for more detail. A couple-

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