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I've been living in Florida for 8 years now. I've built my credit up to just under a 700 score. Not great, but I've made a lot of progress. About 2 years ago I started getting really proactive about it to the point that I check my credit report at least every other week, and there have been no judgements or collections on my credit report in that time.

Today (2015) I got paperwork in the mail from my bank stating that $4,652 from my savings account was put on hold by an attorney because of a judgement that was filed against me in New York in 2005. This included (from what I understand) 10 years worth of interest. I had my Mom go to the courthouse in New York to obtain a copy of my file and she was able to verify that the judgement from back then was legitimate. So they are collecting on it from me now, 10 years later, and several years after the judgement has already come off of my credit report.

If I owe it, I owe it. It's going to really hurt me financially, but it is what it is. I just don't want it to harm my current good credit.


So my question is; when this is all said and done and the attorney finalizes getting the money from me, will this somehow pop back up negatively on my credit report? Or because the judgement has already come off of my credit report years ago, he just collects the money from me and that's the end of it?

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Maybe Late to the Party.................First they have to domesticate the judgment. They may have already done so, you need to check. You only have 30 days to dispute.....If I remember, FL limits garnishment of certain Head of Household income. If only your wages go into the account, and your head of household you may be able to contest it. Here's a page from an attorney in your state.


You might want to contact him....if not him, you need to contact An attorney especially try for a NACA one ASAP...................AND immediately open another account at a different Bank from your current one AND immediately change your direct deposit...especially if you have direct deposit.......if you don't get it changed it will be direct deposit to your alleged creditor and further issues. Never again put any money in this bank again.

If you get a paper a small fee somewhere, cash it..........Might consider a re-loadable Debit Card...Net Spend backed card seems to be OK..... for awhile till you get this settled for good. Works much like you ATM cards...keep from carrying too much cash on you......


Good luck.


Florida Attorney's Page

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