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 I have received on summond 2/24/15 from LVNV FUNDING C/O STENGER & STENGER 


Kent county Michigan


AMOUNT 746.95  for a credit card debt from CREDIT ONE BANK


EXHIBIT A Plaintiff affidavit signed by Matt Summers


Exhibit B Photo copy or print out "account statement"  prepared by jds Lvnv.


I have not yet sent my answer because i was wondering how to do the motion to strike the affidavit.


also i havent received the summons from portfolio yet ,and cant find it online.


But I received a letter from a lawyer stating i was being sued 63 district court my portfolio. I heard sometimes they do not send a summons so they can get a default.



please help i dont want to file bankruptcy if i dont have to. scared they will take my car or something.



please help cant afford to be garnished head of household low income family

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You need to do the answer first because that has a time limit to file and if you miss it you end up with a default judgment.  The MTS can be filed any time prior to trial.


If you are not served in the PRA suit they cannot get a default judgment.  You want to go to the court house and find out what is going on.  It could be that they just filed and the process server has not had a chance to serve you yet.


As for taking the car:  absent BK filing and the trustee taking the car as an asset the JDBs are not going to take your car unless it has significant value about the amount of the judgment.  Between the state mandated exemption for you, cost of auction, paying off a first lien holder if there is one it usually is not cost effective to seize a vehicle to cover a judgment.


please help cant afford to be garnished head of household low income family


If you don't want to file BK you might want to settle since the LVNV suit is so small.  MI has no exemption for HOH or low income from garnishment.  LVNV and PA WILL garnish you.

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You should have added on to your exisiting thread you created for the credit one suit, then started a new thread for the other one. I gave you everything you need to file an answer on the first one. It will be the same process on the second, but there are questions that need to be answered before you file it.

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