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I have been working seriously for the past few years at improving my credit.  I have improved it significantly but still am below 600 which is because of three collections and 1 fed tax lien.  I am finally in a position of paying them all.  The issue is I am not sure if I should pay for the collections first and make payments on the tax lien or pay the tax lien and wait on the collections.  The collections themselves are about 1/2 way through their 7 years but the tax lien is only about 5 months short of being out of sol.  I could reup my uncollectable status for the lien because my hubby is on disability but at the same time I want the lien off my credit because I would like to buy a house this year.  Any advice on how to do this.  I know with the IRS they have a new program for withdrawing the lien if you set up direct debit payments.  Advice please.



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