Repo not reporting correctly

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I've pretty much hit a wall with removing a repossession reporting on my EQ and EX reports and would appreciate any suggestions on next steps.




The car was financed through Americredit in 2006.  It was repossessed in December 2009.

GM Financial purchased Americredit somewhere around the 2010 time frame. 

Neither Americredit nor GM Financial have tried to sue me. The account shows as scheduled to be removed in February 2016.

GM Financial is reporting the repo deficiency on my EQ and EX reports.  Last year it was also on TU but it was removed after a dispute.

I've gone a few rounds with GM Financial and EQ/EX because what is being reported has not been accurate. Last year, GMF was reporting the account as factoring, open and as 90 days late every single month, despite the fact the account was charged off. I disputed, GM Financial verified but then later changed the reporting to change the 90 day lates and now it shows as a CO only.

The term of the loan is showing incorrect on both reports. It shows on the reports as 65 months but is actually 60 and that is what is shown on the contract.  Additionally, the payment history is different on both reports.  I recently disputed again based on this info, and GMF verified as accurate with both EQ and EX again.


So, where should I go from here?  The information is not accurate. Should I pursue it further with EQ and EX? Ultimately, I just want the account removed from my reports. Will the CRAs just update the information that's on there when I provide them proof of the inaccuracies? Can they delete it?


Thanks for any feedback.



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@blondie813 From what I've learned in this forum, this TL is too old to be affecting your score. If you can afford to leave it be, then it should drop off in Feb/2016. Other seasoned members may have better advise tho.


I suggest to check if there were any class action against Americredit in your state. 


I too had a car loan with Americredit before car was repossed ~2009. I defaulted because of unemployment/recession. There was a class action lawsuit in California (against Americredit and one of the conditions of the lawsuit was to to remove all repo tradelines of the customers affected and dismissed all the balances owed.) GM Financial settled close to $400million. (


Good luck!

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I have successfully sued Americredit in years past. If you have all of your sales documents, I would be willing to review them. Despite the lateness of your complaint, if you show the underlying contract is unenforceable, you can sue to have them remove the offending information and they then are responsible for your legal fees.


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