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I need advise please..I am in California


I received 2 letters from First National Collection on 2 different OCs but with same creditor: LVNV Funding.


I thought I was rid of LVNV for good (silly me) when the TLs dropped off last year.


These are definitely past the SOL. These were disputed with CRs in 2013 but I did not send DV to LVNV because they dropped off. They are no longer being reported on my CR.


- Do I send First National DV letters OR C&D OR FOAD?


Another letter I received was from Convergent. Their letter indicates that because of the age of the debt they will not sure or report to CRAs.


- Do I send Convergent DV, C&D or FOAD?



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If you are certain that the SOL is well past by a few months or so, then I would send them a C&D along with a copy of their letter and a note in bold that it's past SOL. Make sure you send it CMRRR and make and keep a file on everything for years. I would also look and see if you have any copies of your last payments etc. backing up your SOL claim just in case.

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