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In October/2014, due to pregnancy complications, I had to go on maternity leave 2 months early. my son was born premature and he stayed in the NICU thru almost the end of November.


One car payment (due November) was sent 32days late. And I found that it was reported as 30days late (which is true) and I am certain this is one of the 2 things that brought my score down to 591. The other reason is high balance on my credit card. 


I am planning to pay off at least 50% of the CC balance. Will that help bring up my score?


How long will the 30-days late on the car note going to affect my score? Payments have been current ever since.








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Lowering your debt to income ratio (lower card usage) will definitely help.  I saw the biggest jump in my score when I got mine below 30%.  


On the one late car payment:  I would send a good will letter to the lender stating that due to the pregnancy complication and the NICU stay for the baby one payment was late.  Could they find it in their good will to update that one payment to "no data" since you have been on time since and there were none prior?  I bet they do it.  (upload a cute picture of the baby into the text of the letter too it can't hurt)

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 I agree with Cyldesmom about the gw letter, especially if you've had the car awhile and have no other lates.

Card usage: I have played with this for months and have found that 3% (yes '3') gives me the highest score, all other things considered.  My card has only a $500 limit, so that could also be a factor.

(Hope you and the little one are doing well!)

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